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Wingsuit BASE in Romania!

Source: Valerii S

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  • Nikolay

    Hello, my name is Nikolay Bekriev from Bulgaria and I have a small music project Palma Minuta. Now i am working on a new video and I need video of Wing Suit flight. Could someone give me any, will be very grateful. I will correctly point out the ownership used footage. If someone would be agree to send me a file, no matter how big, I can organize to receive it, through the internet.

    • Kevin

      Hi Nikolay, can you send me more information about what you would like to do? Maybe some links to some of your work? I might be able to find someone to provide you with content if I have something to show them. They will most likely want to know how their footage will be use.

      • Nikolay

        for your replay.

        The last video and song from same team is this


        One of new songs is named On clouds i run in my bulgarin language and it is fast like flying and we decided to use BASE jump video material.

        I can send this new song by mail.


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