Do you “Trololo”? Italian basE Trip 2014

Good vid for good mongos 😀


-Monte Brento

Music :

Kibori – Mahala Rai Banda

Prod :

Thibaut Zevaco Sokmidadi prod

Big Thanks to :

Alexander Polli
David Laffargue (for all shit)
Marco Luigi Regina (for great organizations)
Olivier Chacornac (for awesome jumps)
Antoine Laporte (for tracking shit & pasta)
Maxime Castagné (for sick jumps and WRC)
Aurelien Lemaire (for his dangerously)
Leonid Plotnikov (for Russian attack)
Maria Steinmayr (for smiling)
Ovidiu Balan (for his Renault Espace and camera)

And more…!

Trololo lolo lololo lololo…. Lololololooooo…

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